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I guess October is going to be a busy month -I better get to the Hallmark store! I know I forgot someone but who could remember all that?  Certainly not me.  I really just got on here to remind myself that I need to go to Michael’s tomorrow to get something to make my football shirt a little more blue.  Not sure how I’m going to do that but I’m sure I’ll figure something out.  Michael’s. Got it.  What else?  Oh yeah, laundry.  Football clothes at least.  Nails.  I really have to get my nails done, they look terrible.  Then back to the grind with football at 5:15 and baseball at 6:00.  On the bright side I don’t have to make dinner.  It’s already 11 – I better go to bed.  Oh yeah, I have to get my gas card back and go get a new drivers license.  Yeah – must be tired.  Rambling on and on and on and on …l.


Jack’s 5th Music Show

We all had a great time!  Soooooo much fun!

Jack FM’s 5th Music Show

See . . That Wasn’t So Bad

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Hell in a Handbasket

In a perfect world you grow up with the perfect family, graduate high school, go to a great college, land a great job, find a husband, get married and then start your own perfect family and the cycle continues.  But we all know that this is not a perfect world and sometimes these ideals that are so cemented into our society end up ruining our lives.  I know many people who measure their success with these so-called standards that we set as life’s benchmarks.  

I think that the success of a person is not in their completion of these “benchmarks” but rather in the choices they make, how they choose to live with those choices and in the ability to be selfless, giving and humble.  Accountable of course. 

We all want things we don’t have but some people believe that if they don’t have those “things” they are somehow less than someone who has all those “things”  Is that fair?  Is that how we should feel?  Life is all about choices.  Make the right choices, for you, and life will be just fine. 

Two of my best friends are losing their homes.  One is losing her home because she makes bad choices, is not accountable, especially to herself, and in some crazy way thinks that society / life has just dealt her a bad hand.  She truly believes that she does everything she can to make a good life for her family and would swear to your face that she does.  Me, I’m not sure.

My other girlfriend has been making all the right choices, seems to be accountable to those that matter and what does she get?  NOTHING!  Her life  and livelihood are all going to hell in a handbasket!

Sunday Funday . . . . for most of us.

What a crazy day! Had a great time on the Reggae Boat Cruise . . but what a barge!  Who knew!  Hopefully Heather had a great Birthday.  Went to The Crab Pot in Seal Beach . . . Soooo Goood!
One of my friends is in serious trouble – I don’t think he can stop drinking.   He was on the boat cruise today and everyone seems to think that if they don’t have a drink around him that he in turn will not drink, and maybe he won’t.  But I think that for him, it’s not a social thing anymore.  It has gotten to the place where loneliness, desperation and despair reside. I honestly don’t think that we, his friends, have any idea how much he actually has been drinking.  A few different people have found him after a binge and every time is worse than the last.  I know we can’t save him but I hope that God will somehow find his way over there and work a miracle.  God Bless you LH

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