A Day at the Miramar Air Show

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Chargers vs. Mustangs

Went to the football game to see Tanner play – they lost.  Bummer!

The kids had a good time and we saw a skunk on the way to the car.  Very exciting stuff for little boys.

Movies I Love

Good movies to watch with my boys

Sunset Beach with Family and Friends

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Had a great day at the beach.  We swan, played games, flew kites, had gome great food and roasted marshmallows.  What more could you ask for? Thank you to the Turpins and to Mika and Barton Diffy.  We had a fantastic time.

What a Lucky Boy!

Niko got to go sailing with the Turpins yesterday.  He had a great time.  I thought for sure he would get sick or something but NOPE. 


I’m finally getting my nails done. Hooooraaay!! The Tiny Might Bears lost pretty bad -so sad. We are off to the beach today to celebrate James’ birthday. Labor Day Weekend – woo hoo!

What a Great Day!!

We had so much fun.  The kids had a blast and the weather couldn’t have been nicer.  Our rented waverunners had to be returned – that was kind of a bummer.  But all in all I would call it a great day.

Laughlin – Avi Vacation

We are ready for another fun in the sun day.  Can hardly wait.

Waverunners vs. Kids Quest

Niko and Trevor are loving the waverunnes but what do you think they love more?  Kids Quest.  Yep.  The Jumpin Jamin of the Avi.  You can check the kids in and pick them up whenever you want.  There’s karaoke, there are slides and climing things,  playstation, arcade games, a sort of soda fountain shop when they can eat lunch or dinner.  It’s great.  I wish there was one down the street from my house.  No such luck.  They really did have a good time riding the waverunners.  The weather was perfect today.  I think it was 95 degrees outside and the water wasn’t too cold.  We couldn’t of had nicer weather.  I’m glad we decided to take this last trip before school starts.  Matt made it out here today.  I had my doubts, but he pulled through.  Brownie  points for Dad!

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