Put down the sock . . .

Trust me, it’s hopeless. Do you dread walking into your kid’s room?  Are you tired of picking up socks, clothes and toys off of the floor?  Do you beg and bribe your kids to clean their rooms?  Well, you might as well stop right now and save yourself years of stress and anxiety.  You can reduce your future botox bills by slowing down the onset of worry wrinkles and simply accepting the fact that your sweet little children, those adorable cuties who mess up the charming, cozy rooms you toiled over to decorate just for them, are just going to one day leave home to live in a pig sty (a pig sty you may well be paying good money for – in the form of college tuition!)

We try to teach our kids well and do our best to prepare them for “the real world.” Well, if they are college bound there is a good chance that their real world will consist of cramped rooms overflowing with piles of dirty laundry and sinks full of dirtier dishes. 

I’d like to think that I was much cleaner and more domesticated when I was younger but I wonder if that is just the rose colored lenses of my memory.  In any event, if you spend a lot of time picking up after your kids, take my advice and just stop.  (Actually it’s the advice of my sister) Let them live like pigs now, and know that you will just be doing your duty to properly prepare them for college.


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