I’ve given up on hosting my own blog – whatever that means!

Too hard! Linux, SQL, PHP all these things you’re supposed to know in order to have a blog that you can customize.  Too much for me. There are two different things that I have been working with. One is called WordPress.com – which is where I created my little blog and picked a template from a template gallery.  There is another thing called WordPress.org that is the program for which to create your own stuff.  Well in order to do that, you need to be able to host a site on your own.  I thought I could do that because I have a domain name of nikoandtrevorsmom.com and also antonious.com.  So I gave it a try.  When I was trying to transfer files via FTP – they went into some computer never never land and I got frustrated and gave up.  Maybe I’ll try again in a month or two.  For now I’ll just stick to my boring template and make the best of it.  What can I say :-{


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