School Starts Tomorrow

I think we’re ready.  They both have new shoes, backpacks and lunch boxes.  We’re got a the “suggested” supplies.  They were bathed and in bed by 8.  In the morning we are going to have breakfast with the Turpins and some other families that they have invited over.  After breakfast we’ll walk over to the school, take some pictures and then they are on their own.  Tomorrow is a reverse minimum day – whatever that means. Trevor will have Kindergarten from 10:10 – 1:30 and Niko will be in his class from 10:00 to 2:30. 

Trevor is so nervous.  Tonight while I was tucking him in he grabbed my face, turned it to the side and whispered in my ear not to tell his brother, but he was super scared to go to school tomorrow.  I told him that it wouldn’t be normal if he wasn’t scared.  I gave him a big squeeze and assured him that he would have a great day that I would be waiting outside his class if he needed to come out for more hugs.  My little guy is getting so big. 

Niko is really excited that his good friend Brendan is in his class.  He also informed me that 3rd graders are allowed to ride their bikes to school and that he has already found a couple of kids from the neighborhood that he will be riding with.  Yeah Right!  I hope he likes his teacher and has a wonderful day.  I’ll post pics tomorrow.


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