What I Learned Today

Today was one of those days that goes by fast but then at the end of the day you feel like it didn’t count.  I realize that that probably only makes sense to me but what the heck – I’m throwing it out there.  It started off pretty good, the sun was shining and temps were suppose to be in the 90’s.  Perfect weather for a relaxing day by the pool.  No such luck.

Trevor slept until 9:00am, which should have been my first clue that something was wrong.  Instead, of course I am grateful for the extra hour of time that allows me to do other things.  By the time he woke up he only had a few minutes to get dressed because we were heading out to a speech therapy session.  With a minute or two to spare I was suprised that we actually arrived before the therapist.  She arrived a few moments later and greeted us with a smile.  Trevor was looking at her with an expression that almost looked as if he had no idea where he was.  Maybe he didn’t.  It was game on.  Last night’s dinner was now a roadblock to the enterance.  What a mess!  Could there be anything worse than throw-up?  Not in my book.  Needless to say, there was no speech class for Trev today.  The poor little guy was sick all day.  No football, swimming or playing for us.  So I am reminded that plans can change in an instant.

I also learned that no matter how much you like something, it doesn’t mean your kids are going to like it.

I learned that my husband doesn’t trust me and thinks that everytime I leave the house I am going to spend money or do something else that he thinks he can prohibit me from doing. Prohibit?  Really?

I learned that my child lacks confidence. Even after all the praise, support, love and mothering  I’ve given, I have somehow fallen short. 

I probably learned a few more lessons today but right now I am realizing that my brain stops functioning by midnight.


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